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You can’t ignore the power of videos.

Videos are the most compelling, engaging storytelling method we have.

When it comes to video marketing, it’s all about the stories. High quality, extremely professional marketing video will help you stand out from the pack.

Our Marketing Video Production Company Services

Branded Content

Branded content is about more than advertising products and services. It’s about more than simple video marketing.

It’s about telling your story and communicating your brand values to the target audience. It can be more effective than traditional marketing because the videos produced don’t feel like advertising.

Our talented, experienced team of video producers stays up to date on the most shareable, approachable video marketing content, and our extensive market research ensures that any and all branded content we produce is one hundred per cent relevant to your audience.

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Animation 2D + 3D

Animated video, whether it’s 2D or 3D animation, truly lets your creativity run wild.

The only limit to animation is your imagination, and we love working on animated projects. Animation can be a great way to educate, inspire, and inform our audiences. Animation can get difficult concepts across to the target audience in a way that’s fun and accessible, or convey the unique identity of your brand without the pesky constraints of the real world to worry about.

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Advertising Video

Advertising video is all about building your profile with one goal: boosting sales. Here’s the deal: we’ll make your products and services look amazing, and you can keep doing what you do best. We love making ads that don’t feel like ads, but feel like an organic part of your brand’s story.

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Social Media Content

It’s no secret that social media is the beating heart of the hyper-connected digital age. Most people consume videos on social media every day, connecting with creators from all over the world. Most users average over two hours per day on social media. We’ll optimise your videos for engagement and audience appreciation, key elements to any successful social media strategy.

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Promotional & Brand Videos

Promotional video can be as simple as generating more visits to your website. It could be the first step in a complex sales funnel. It should be a key piece of your marketing video strategy.

Regardless, it’s all about getting your audience to take the first step in their relationship with your brand. Promotional video is the bread and butter of video marketing, but we like to add a little extra seasoning.

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Product Video

Let’s make some sales. That’s the point of product videos, right? We want your products to look every bit as good as we both know they are. That way, when the audience sees mouthwatering food, shut-up-and-drive-me cars, or the world’s most compellingly comfortable couch cushion, they know it’s time to buy.

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Explainer Video

Sometimes, all you need is the elevator pitch. If you can convey your business and its strengths to a new customer during a brief elevator ride, an explainer video might be the ideal corporate solution for you. Sometimes the explainer video is as simple as an interview with your team to say who you are, or a more extensive animated sequence to give a broader overview.

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Testimonial Video

Why explain yourself to customers, when you can let previous satisfied customers do it for you? Testimonial video stands out from other types of corporate videos. We love making testimonial video because it’s an enormously powerful means of building trust with new customers. We have plenty of experience creating compelling testimonial video to tell the customer’s story in their own words.

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Commercial Real Estate Video

Real estate video has skyrocketed in the past three years, and it’s here to stay. Real estate video gets eyes on listings and builds your profile. Most buyers are finding their homes on the internet these days, and many expect a virtual tour before making the trip to check out their next property. Let us help you offer exactly that service.

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Leor Brand Film

Cycology – Flip Panel Animation

Lane Splitter Helmet – Premium Product Video



The video has been praised by everyone, and the client has been happy with Lumapixel’s work. They’ve exceeded the stakeholders’ expectations so much that they’ve been engaged to create another video. Overall, the team has proven to be the right partner for the organization’s future projects.

Grant Shoebridge Special Counsel & Patent Attorney, IPTA

The stakeholders were super pleased with the product and are excited to roll it out to galvanise more support for our organisation. The content captured is also fantastic and we will be able to repurpose to make more engaging content for different channels.

Helen Thorpe Head of Marketing & Fundraising, Batyr

Glad Group had recently partnered with Sydney FC and asked Lumapixel to help in the creation of a promotional video to be displayed in stadiums while the team was playing. Since the start of our partnership with Sydney FC, we have decided to extend this partnership and might ask Lumapixel for help in the future. Lumapixel’s management style is great, clear, and efficient. They are full of ideas and offer recommendations along the way.

Chanel Avias-Rustel Marketing & Communications Specialist, Glad Group

All feedback from clients and referral partners has been excellent. The most common word we hear is “so different” which is exactly what we wanted. Their creativity and understanding of the needs of our firm were second to none. They didn’t replace our ideas with their own but kept to the brief and added a lot of value to make the videos unique.

Nikki Firth Managing Director, Your Accounting Sanctuary

Thanks to the video that the Lumapixel team created, the company was able to build a meaningful and emotional connection with their audience. The team was also instrumental in getting one of the company’s campaigns to go viral and record over 4000 sign-ups in just four hours.

Julia Tink Director, One Collective Group

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