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Marketing & Brand Video Production Sydney

Advertising and digital marketing videos have a huge impact on a customer’s perception of your brand and product.

Most large companies in the US have over 100 brand videos on their website, but here at Lumapixel we believe we can give you a more targeted and effective approach to video marketing.

We are a professional video production company that specialises in brand videos, event videos, motion graphics, testimonial videos, social media video, and any other branded video content that is going to get your message out there.

We’re not like most marketing video production companies. We collaborate closely with marketers and communications professionals, and we love it when agencies bring their own video production ideas to the table. From there, we can formulate a tailored pre-production video strategy that incorporates ideation and storyboarding, as well as advice on the best medium for your video project. We also offer standalone video production services and post-production services, and can even create something amazing by repurposing your current video assets.

Come and see what we can do with your vision.

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Social media videos

Not sure how to tell a Tik Tok from a tweet? Or why it even matters? Social media videos can be tricky, but it’s where your customers are and it’s where you need to be if you want your video marketing to have maximum impact. Lumapixel can help you to put your promotional videos online so you can reap those sweet IRL rewards….who knows we can even help your content become the next viral hit!

TV and cinema advertising videos

Let’s face it, most people use the pre-movie ads to run to the bathroom or grab that popcorn they regretted not buying earlier. What if we told you that you could keep bums on seats and eyes glued to your brand with our TV and cinema advertising expertise? You’ve never seen video marketing this compelling.

Product launch & promotional videos

You’ve done all the hard work of creating a fab new product, now get ready to show it off. Lumapixel knows how to make a statement when it comes to launching and promoting a new product into the market and (most importantly) how to get consumers’ eyes onto what you’ve created. Promotional video should be a key element of your digital marketing strategy, as it offers a unique way to show off your product and your brand.

Brand videos & storytelling

Think about your favourite brands, like Apple, Nike and Airbnb. What do they have in common? The answer is ‘a great brand narrative’, one that emphasises the reason why they do what they do. Don’t underestimate the impact of brand videos and branded video content in storytelling — how your brand projects authenticity, innovation and honesty. We’ll help you shape that story.

Commercials and infomercials

If you’re going to interrupt someone’s viewing time, you’d better make it worth their while. This means out with the shouty, obnoxious commercials and in with clever and effective advertising. Here at Lumapixel, we're a pretty damn good marketing video production company, creating advertising and marketing videos that stand out—come and see what we can create for you.

PR video production

They say that any publicity is good publicity, but smart publicity is better. With Lumapixel, you’re getting just that with our top-notch video content — perfect for PR companies looking for that something special for their client. All you have to do is tell us what you want to say, we’ll handle the video production

Client and customer testimonial video

Let your past clients influence your future ones with testimonial videos where your fans do all the talking. With this approach, prospective customers get the chance to hear from real people all about why you’re the solution to your problems. (Plus, you get to hear people say great things about you. Isn’t that nice?)

Brand ambassador videos

Having a brand ambassador is a little like having your own personal cheerleader — someone to sing your brand’s praises to the world. What’s not to love? When it comes to your brand’s video content, we know how to tap into your brand ambassador’s enthusiasm, credibility and love for your product on camera. Ask us how.

Presenter and role play videos

No, not THAT kind — the kind where you use actors to play out a scenario on camera and tell a compelling story for you. We have a knack for great casting and a veritable stable of talent to choose from, whether you need presenters or actors for a role play video.

FAQ video content & explainer videos

The trick with this kind of video marketing is to dumb it down, but be smart about it. If what you do is truly innovative or maybe a little tricky to explain, get your clients on the same page as you with a simple explainer video. Whether it’s live action, motion graphics animation, or corporate video production, we’ll make sure all the vital info is there.

Time-lapse videos

What’s short, speedy, effective and an easy video content win? Time-lapse! For a unique way to show the size and scale of your project, you can’t go past a time-lapse video. Capture the entire project from start to finish and watch your clients marvel at what you’ve created for them.

Content repurposing

You say ‘old footage’, we say ‘content goldmine!’. Repurposing existing footage and content from past projects into exciting new visual campaigns is one of the easiest and most resource-efficient ways to produce quality video content. It’s also a great option for those who are a little more budget or time-conscious when it comes to video production.

Micro video marketing

We’re not saying your brand needs to get on Tik Tok (although, we’re not NOT saying that ...), but we do know that micro video marketing is a growing trend that you need to get on top of. A good micro video from a professional video production company can get you macro returns in engagement, conversions and more.

Property & real estate video production

The currency of good real estate is potential, and we know that video production is the best option for showing it off. With video content, you can showcase your site or property’s development prospects, find a tenant for that prime industrial workspace, or turn that diamond in the rough into a future family home or investment opportunity.

Building progress and time-lapse video

Break new ground figuratively and literally with a time lapse video for your awesome new building project! Time-lapse videos are an exciting way to demonstrate progress on your new build, from foundational work through to construction and finishing touches. Dream bigger, and your ambition will pay off in the final product.


Sometimes, marketing, brand, and promotional video production needs a more specialised video production company–that’s where we come in.

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The video has been praised by everyone, and the client has been happy with Lumapixel’s work. They’ve exceeded the stakeholders’ expectations so much that they’ve been engaged to create another video. Read the full review
Grant Shoebridge
Grant Shoebridge


Reliable service, high quality video production and at a cost that you normally don’t associate with either. As the leading commercial property and services firm in Australia we often recommend Lumapixel’s services to our top end clients.
Craig McCarthy
Craig McCarthy

JLL — Head of Marketing

We were looking for a video supplier that understood their craft inside and out but also understood how real estate marketing works…Lumapixel offered the solution. We now use video tours on all our listings and online platforms
Fiona Hellams
Fiona Hellams

Ray White Drummoyne

Want innovation, style, ideas, beautiful visuals, high-end quality and a team of pros working to make your video better? Well, look no further, Lumapixel is the benchmark. They help us from concept to screen. It's not often you find a company that can be creative and commercial
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith

JustUs Magazine — Founder