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Corporate video production is a tough job to do well–believe us, we’ve been around the video production industry long enough to know. But If anyone can make corporate video production exciting, it’s Lumapixel.

Lumapixel has produced corporate video content for a broad range of businesses, from established global corporations to startups. Whether you’re kickstarting your brand or launching a Kickstarter campaign, the breadth of our corporate video production services can help you out.

If you are after promotional videos, website video, motion graphics, or any other online video content, we’re a corporate video production company that’s got your back.

We’ll take you on the entire video production process, from initial conceptualisation and video strategy brainstorming through to storyboarding and pre-production, and then final production, including post-production and video editing.

What’s more, we’ll also help you to uphold corporate social responsibility and maintain environmental awareness through your corporate video communications with clients and external stakeholders.

Let’s Talk

Interview video production

Interviewing a key figure in your industry and want to make an impression with your audience? Don’t waste time worrying about the technical video production stuff when you should be thinking about your special guest and the questions you want to throw their way. Let Lumapixel’s directors and cinematographers (or videographers if you prefer) handle the work — we’re really good with that. We’re a video production company all about everything from video pre-production to post-production–you just focus on the bit in the middle.


Podcasts aren’t just a fad; they’re a key marketing tool that can do wonders for elevating your corporate profile. You might be daunted by the number of podcasts or online videos already on the market in your industry, but we know how to make yours the one worth watching or listening to. We’re more than just a corporate video production company! We can help you turn those snappy soundbites into major talking points with an impact.

Corporate case study videos

Trying to woo a new client? Let Lumapixel show them why you’re the best company for the job.We can create case study videos to tell the stories of your success and take your prospective clients on a journey that shows your business doing what it does best.

C-suite communications

Are you trying to bridge the gap between your executives and your staff to foster greater engagement and connection within the company? Corporate video production is exactly the way to go–video content can offer face-to-face communication between C-suite executives and staff without the hassle of in-person meetings. Companies are increasingly favouring professional video newsletters, virtual Town Halls, or many other forms of corporate video communication.

Internal and external communication videos

If you are looking to improve your communication with internal staff or external clients, customers, or stakeholders, you should be including video production in your communication strategy. Video content offers a human touch that is just not possible to achieve with the written word or audio-only communication. Video was once seen as a marketing-only tool, but in today’s world corporate videos are as much about communication as acquisition.

Financial reporting videos

Financial reporting is a critical part of your reporting obligations to your investors, lenders, and other creditors. Written reports should be considered just one means of this process–your corporate video production strategy should also encompass financial reporting videos to maximise the effectiveness and transparency of your financial communications or white papers.

Thought leadership professional videos

’Thought leadership’isn’t just another marketing industry buzzword, but your path to industry-wide recognition for your ideas and success. Professional videos and other engaging video content are your way to show people why you’re the pioneer they’ve been waiting for, with a little help from Lumapixel. Be innovative, be inspiring, be challenging and (most of all) be an example.


Sometimes, corporate video production needs a more specialised approach, and that’s what Lumapixel is all about.

Our clients

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The video has been praised by everyone, and the client has been happy with Lumapixel’s work. They’ve exceeded the stakeholders’ expectations so much that they’ve been engaged to create another video. Read the full review
Grant Shoebridge
Grant Shoebridge


Reliable service, high quality video production and at a cost that you normally don’t associate with either. As the leading commercial property and services firm in Australia we often recommend Lumapixel’s services to our top end clients.
Craig McCarthy
Craig McCarthy

JLL — Head of Marketing

We were looking for a video supplier that understood their craft inside and out but also understood how real estate marketing works…Lumapixel offered the solution. We now use video tours on all our listings and online platforms
Fiona Hellams
Fiona Hellams

Ray White Drummoyne

Want innovation, style, ideas, beautiful visuals, high-end quality and a team of pros working to make your video better? Well, look no further, Lumapixel is the benchmark. They help us from concept to screen. It's not often you find a company that can be creative and commercial
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith

JustUs Magazine — Founder