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We are masters in the art of Visual Storytelling

We are a leading Sydney-based creative production agency with senior crews Australia-wide, and we work alongside in-house marketing teams, agencies, and brands to shape compelling visual stories that elevate, elucidate, and educate.

Our service offerings include: Marketing & Branded Video Content, Brand Documentaries, Social media & Website content, Corporate Case Studies, Training & Event Videos, TV & Cinema Advertising and Aerial & Studio Photography. Our goal is to illuminate ideas to transform perceptions and create positive receptions.

We work with clients all across Australia, the USA, and Asia, and we’re super proud of our collaborative approach which includes a defined project management process, plenty of creative flair, and in-depth research to close any gaps between brand and target audience.

Meet the Team

Our team is a diverse, fully-equipped group of individuals with years’ worth of collaborative experience and expertise.
Our shared and unique passions have brought, and continue to bring, us together to create inspiring, innovative and fulfilling projects- that and beer.

Meet the Team

Gary Freitas

Managing Director

Meet the Team

Krystal Spry

Art Director

Meet the Team

Nic Parker

Project Manager/Producer

Meet the Team

Juan Carlos Diaz

Senior Designer/Animator

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