And The In Between

Behind The Scenes

Tell it how it is and figure out who and what it is for! This is the initial discovery and pre-production process that underpins every project, idea, and piece of content we create. We have expertise as well as strong, stable professional relationships to conduct and outsource market research and in-depth audience analysis.

Our methods aim to maximise affective responses and produce engaging content that shapes your message in line with your current strategy. We service both macro and micro-based marketplaces. From TV to aerial filming – we are onboard and ahead of industry trends – no challenge is too big or small (all screen sizes accepted).

  • Audience Analysis
  • Market Metrics
  • Demographic Data
  • Affective Perception
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Integration


Why say it when you can show it? Give your all important message a much needed visual appeal.

Our extensive creative expertise and experience spans across various sectors and formats, and we know how to make it run smoothly. We are able to perfect and personalise the creative process to best fit your needs, sector and strategy. Starting with look and mood board and content submission, we provide services such as; screenwriting, talent casting to make sure every idea is illuminated.

No story, brand or message is the same (at least it shouldn’t be). We offer custom iconography and kinetic typography to build a narrative and tell your story.

  • Talent Casting
  • Screenwriting
  • Content Submission
  • Look & Mood board
  • Iconography & Kinetic Typography
  • Narrative Building & Storytelling


It’s showtime, the cameras are rolling and the real fun begins.

Pioneers in production management, we are there all the way to provide on- and off-site filming.
Your vision is our mission. Fully-equipped and ready to go, we can maximise and create optimal surroundings with premium green-screening, professional boom audio and lighting. You see it, we make it.

The sky’s the limit- literally- we can capture and premiere your content from the heavens with drone filming and aerial photography.

  • Greenscreening & Lighting
  • Production Management
  • Professional Boom Audio


The proof is in the pudding, and we are masters at perfecting the process and polishing the product.

Making accessible and flawless content is what we do best and pride ourselves on. That’s why our video-editing process can include subtitles, voice and lip synchronisation and translation and dubbing to give your message an international appeal.

We can stretch beyond reality (to a galaxy far, far away- if it’s not too overdone) and provide 2D and 3D animations to accompany and enhance your message.

  • Voice & Lip Synchronisation
  • CAD Approval
  • Video Editing
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Dubbing & Translation
  • Subtitles